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Ysagoge Iohannitius in Tegni Galieni.

Title: Ysagoge Iohannitius in Tegni Galieni.
Uniform Title: Articella.
Variant Title: Isagoge Johannitius in Tegni Galieni
Author(s)/Relationship(s): Galen. Ars medica.
Ḥunayn ibn Isḥāq al-ʻIbādī, 809?-873. Isagoge in Tegni Galeni.
Hippocrates. Aphorisms.
Theophilos Protospatharios, active 7th century. Liber urinarum.
Philaretus. Liber pulsuum.
Southby, Thomas Hayward, former owner.
Dunn, George, 1864-1912, former owner.
Hirsch, Robert von, former owner.
Publisher: [Paris? : between 1210 and 1230?]
Related Names: H.P. Kraus (Firm), former owner.
National Library of Medicine. E 78
Description: 114 leaves : parchment ; 208 x 150 (126 x 68) mm.
Content Type: text
Media Type: unmediated
Carrier Type: volume
Language: lat
Electronic Links:
Referenced In: NLM Hidden treasure p. 22
MeSH Subjects: Medicine
Notes: Fol. 1r, 32r, 43r Exhibited: Art Is Long, Life Short: Medieval Manuscripts at the National Library of Medicine, May-July 2000. DNLM
Manuscript codex.
Six treatises comprising the Articella. Annotations in several contemporary or near contemporary hands. Both loose endsheets have faint writing in medieval hand.
Written in Latin.
Fol. 99r-114r: "Tabular presentation of the points to be discussed in expounding the Articella." (From notes made by M.D. Jordan)
Collation: Parchment, fol. ii (i is pastedown) + 114 + ii (ii is pastedown), fol. 98 blank; 110 2-148; gatherings signed i-xi; catchword on recto fol. 90 only
Layout: Written in 28 long lines, above top line; ruled; prickings in outer margin.
Script: Written in gothic bookhand (textualis libraria formata).
Decoration: Historiated initials, 7-8 line at beginnings of treatises, 4 line at secondary divisions. Fol. 1r: teacher and student, both tonsured; f. 15v: tonsured figure reading book; f. 19v: tonsured figure counting off fingers(?); f. 21v: pregnant woman; f. 25r: tonsured figure pointing to knee(?); f. 32r: tonsured figure reading from book, untonsured patient in bed; f. 32v: tonsured teacher with untonsured student; f. 35r: 2 untonsured figures; f. 42v: tonsured figure with open book and urine flask; f. 43r: tonsured figure displaying urine flask to student; f. 61r: tonsured teacher on elaborate chair speaking to 3 tonsured students; f. 61v: tonsured teacher with 2 tonsured students.
Decoration: 2 and 3 line pen flourished initials in margin, alternating red and blue.
Decoration: Large 1 line initials in red and blue within text.
Identified as one of a group of manuscripts illuminated by an artist working in Paris around 1210-1230. Cf. Christopher de Hamel. A History of Illuminated Manuscripts. London : Phaidon Press, 1994, p. 116, and Robert Branner. Manuscript Painting in Paris during the Reign of Saint Louis. Berkeley : University of California Press, 1977. Identified in Swarzenski as English, mid-13th c., and in Kraus catalogue as English, de Brailes workshop, Oxford or London.
Item catalogued from notes made by M.D. Jordan in 1989, housed with the volume; and in hand by National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division, 05/2005.
Cite As: Shelfmark: Bethesda, MD, National Library of Medicine, Manuscript, E 78.
Acquisition Source: H. P. Kraus, cat. 126; Purchased; 1989.
Provenance: Book plates: "Thomas Hayward Southby of Carswell [Berks.]"; George Dunn, "Woolley Hall near Maidenhead"; blue oval plate, shield and crown in gold with wheel in center (possibly the exlibris of R. Busch, Mainz listed in Swarzenski); Swarzenski describes it as owned by Robert von Hirsch of Frankfurt in 1929. DNLM
Contents: Contents: fol. 1v: rubr. "Incipiunt ysagoge iohanniti[u]s in tegni galieni. [text] Medicina dividitur i[n] duas partes ...; [fol. 15v: rubr.] Incipit liber afforismorum ypocrati. [text] Vita brevis. ars [a]u[tem] longa t[em]po[r]a acutuum. expr[er]imentum vero fallex. iudicium au[tem] difficile.; [fol. 32r: rubr.] Incipit liber pronosticor[um] eidem. [text] Om[n]is qui medicine artis studio seu gl[ori]am seu delectabile[m] amico[rum] ...; [fol. 42v: rubr.] Incipit liber urinarum avoce theophili. [text] De urinarum differentia negocium multi veterum medicorum agressti sunt scribere; [fol. 57r: rubr.] Incipit liber pulsuum phylareti. [text] Intentionem habem[us] inpresenti conse[?]ptione [i.e. conscriptione] de pulsuum negotio compendiosam ...; [fol. 60v: rubr.] Incipit tegni galieni. [text] Tres sunt omnes doctrine q[ue] ordine habent ...; [fol. 97r:] Explicit liber Galieni [in a later, informal hand]; [fol. 98: blank]; [fol. 99r: rubr.] Incipiunt distinctiones sup[er] ioha[n]nitium se[cun]d[u]m magi[stru]m R."
NLM Unique ID: 101249705
Other ID Numbers: (OCoLC)60825530


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