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[ 1 ] * Pharmacologic principles of medical practice. A textbook on pharmacology and therapeutics for medical students, physicians, and the members of the professions allied to medicine [by] John C. Krantz [and] C. Jelleff Carr, in collaboration with Bert N. La D Krantz, John C. (John Christian), 1899-1983. 1969
[ 2 ] * Jung's contribution to our time; the collected papers of Eleanor Bertine, edited by Elizabeth C. Rohrbach. Bertine, Eleanor. 1967
[ 3 ] * Anesthesia long sought, lately found - as evidenced by the recordings in the printed word; an historical book exhibit presented by the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists, Washington, D. C. October 21-23, 1968. Texas Society of Anesthesiologists. 1968
[ 4 ] * Classical studies on physical activity. Edited by Roscoe C. Brown, Jr. [and] Gerald S. Kenyon. Brown, Roscoe C. 1968
[ 5 ] * Prout's hypothesis. Papers by William Prout, J. S. Stas and C. Marignac. Prout, William, 1785-1850. 1947
[ 6 ] * Living in a troubled world; selections from the writings of William C. Menninger. Edited by Bernard H. Hall and Richard Rhodes. Menninger, William Claire, 1899-1966. 1967
[ 7 ] * Lessons from childhood; some aspects of the early life of unusual men and women, by R. S. Illingworth and C. M. Illingworth. Illingworth, Ronald S. (Ronald Stanley), 1909-1990. 1966
[ 8 ] * Spirit in man, art, and literature. Translated by R. F. C. Hull. Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961. 1966
[ 9 ] * Biomechanics; proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Applied Mechanics Division of the ASME, at the annual meeting, November 30, 1966, New York, N. Y. Edited by Y. C. Fung. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 1966
[ 10 ] * Psychiatrist for a troubled world; selected papers of William C. Menninger. Edited, with introductory material, by Bernard H. Hall assisted by Geraldine K. Alumbaugh [et al.] Biographical sketch by Henry W. Brosin. Menninger, William Claire, 1899-1966. 1967

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