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[ 1 ] * Tuberculosis: prevention, detection, and treatment; annual report by the medical staff, [prepared by John T. Wilson]. Lanarkshire (Scotland). County Council. 1913
[ 2 ] * Prevention of tuberculosis; meeting at Marlborough House. National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis (Great Britain) 1899
[ 3 ] * Hookworm disease; its ravages, prevention and cure [by] John A. Ferrell. Rockefeller Sanitary Commission for the Eradication of Hookworm Disease. 1915
[ 4 ] * British spas and seaside resorts; an appreciation of their medical values and uses in the prevention and cure of disease. Ed. by R. Fortescue Fox. Health Resorts Association. 1933
[ 5 ] * Cholera, physiologically explained; showing its nature, cause, cure and prevention. Paulus, 1819-1903. 1854
[ 6 ] * Simple lessons on tuberculosis or consumption, with reference to its cause and prevention, by M. J. Rosenau [et al.] Prepared under the direction of the Committee for Prevention of Consumption of the Associated Charities, Washington, D. C. Rosenau, M. J. (Milton Joseph), 1869-1946. 1908
[ 7 ] * Great white plague; simple lessons on causes and prevention, intended especially for use in schools. By W. D. Frost and M. V. O'Shea. Frost, William Dodge, 1867-1957. 1912
[ 8 ] * Cause and prevention of consumption. Illinois State Board of Health. 1904
[ 9 ] * Opportunity and the responsibility of the teacher in the prevention of tuberculosis. Charity Organization Society of the City of New York. Committee on the Prevention of Tuberculosis. 1905
[ 10 ] * Discussion of the first demonstration clinic conducted by the Division on the Prevention of Delinquency of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene. [By] V. V. Anderson. National Committee for Mental Hygiene. Division on Prevention of Delinquency. 1923

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