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Scientific American.

Title Abbreviation: Sci Am
Title: Scientific American.
Description: v. illus. ports.
Coverage: v. 1-14, Aug. 28, 1845-June 25, 1859; new ser., v. 1- July 2, 1859-
Publisher: New York, NY : Scientific American
ISSN: 0036-8733
Electronic Links:
In: PubMed v213n4, Oct. 1965-
Selectively In: MEDLINE v213n4, Oct. 1965-
Index medicus
NLM Unique ID: 0404400
Other ID Numbers: (DNLM)S13040000(s)

Location: General Collection
Call Number: W1 SC833
Availability: v.137(1927)-v.312:no.1(2015),v.312:no.5(2015)-v.315(2016)
Indexes: 1948/1971

Location: General Collection
Call Number: W1 SC833
Availability: v.106(1912)-136(1927)

Location: HMD Collection
Call Number: W1 SC833
Availability: Volumes for 1870 and earlier in HMD

Location: Microform Collection
Call Number: Film S10243
Availability: v.199(1958),204(1961:Jan-Jun),224(1971)-249(1983),256(1987)-259(1988)
Indexes: 1848/1978
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