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Majallah-iʻ ilmī-pizhūhishī-i dānishgāh-iʻlūm-i pizishkī va...

Title Abbreviation: Majallahi Ilmipizhuhishii Danishgahilumi Pizishki Va Khadamati Bihdashti Darmanii Arak
Title: Majallah-iʻ ilmī-pizhūhishī-i dānishgāh-iʻlūm-i pizishkī va khadamāt-i bihdāshtī darmānī-i Arāk.
Coverage: Began with 2002
Publisher: Arāk : Dānishgāh-iʻ ulūm-i pizishkī va khadamāt-i bihdāshtī darmānī-i Arāk
ISSN: 1735-5338 (Print)
2008-644X (Electronic)
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NLM Unique ID: 101595082

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