Advanced Menu Search

An Advanced Menu search finds records using keywords located in specific fields, or anywhere in a record. Search results from Advanced Menu searches are displayed in the Titles Index.

To perform an Advanced Menu search:

  1. Type in the search term(s) you want to find in the Search: box (punctuation, case, and word order are ignored).

  2. Select from the drop-down list whether you want to search for:
  3. Use As: to select which field that you would like to search.

  4. You can narrow your search by adding more terms in the additional Search: boxes. Use the radio buttons to select which Boolean operator you want applied to the next search term(s): AND, OR, or NOT. Then add your term(s) in the Search: box.

  5. You can also click the Set Limits Before Searching button to limit your search based on other criteria. Note that you should set your limits before you type in your search terms.  See the Limits Help page for further information.

  6. The default for the number of records that are displayed on each page is 25, but you can change this by using the (records displayed per page) drop-down menu.

  7. Click the Search button to begin your search. Click the Reset button to clear the search page.

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