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You can display detailed information about a record, including bibliographic information (holdings information is found on the Summary Display).
If there is more than one record in your Titles list, you can view the remaining records by clicking the Next Page or Previous Page icons. You can also return to the Titles screen by clicking on the Titles tab.

For Keyword Searches, the search terms that you typed in will display in italic text.

You can save, print, or e-mail information about the records that you retrieved:

  1. Select the records that you want. Note that you can save up to 500 records, print up to 100 records, or e-mail up to 25 records at a time.

  2. In the Options for Print, Save or E-mail box, select a Download Format:
  3. Note: the MARC Formats output the information in one long string (e.g., 01386cas 22004571 45000010007...), so it would only be useful to you if you were to upload the file into bibliographic software. If you want a print-out of the MARC View (with the tags lined up in rows), you need to be in the MARC View Display, and print the records individually with your browser's Print command.

  4. Click on the Print/Save button to save or print the records. This will list all of the records on one page, and then you can use your browser commands (File - Save or File - Print) to save or print.

  5. To e-mail the records, type your e-mail address in the box and click on the E-mail button. Note: Only the Full Record with Holdings Format can be e-mailed.

  6. Click on the Clear Marked Records button to clear the marked boxes.

You can also save any page to a file by selecting Save from the File menu of your web browser. If it is available, you can also go to the File menu to Send (e-mail) a page to yourself. Investigate your save options to pick the most convenient method for you.

To begin a new search, click the Search tab. The tabs in the Title Bar at the top of the page will display your current LocatorPlus location.

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